It is a wonder that this joke of a town is not number 1 by a landslide. Sen. Marco Rubio, Florida Republican, had the best line when it comes to the latest Florida election in which contests for governor and the U.S. Senate are still undecided. This gets a BIG thumbs down from this old Florida cracker. Census's most recent American Community Survey,, High population density (Lots of things to do). and THEREFOR IS A HOLE. If you’re constantly wondering, what’s wrong with my shoulder, it’s important you visit your doctor and explain your symptoms. Semi nice place to visit, but do not move here. This list is totally inaccurate an uninformative. Also, consider laying off the capital letters. But its turning into a ghetto. Just not a very desirable place at all to make home. It seems if someone says this place is good, another says “OMG you will be raped three times in 30 minutes if you step out of your house after 3 pm” ha Don’t move here. Until we know who you are and what crazy ideas you are bringing from some other crazy state, we are just going to take care of ourselves. A neighbor can call and make any allegation and the storm troopers will be at your door before the neighbor hangs up the phone. Ft. Pierce is a great place to live compare to be living in some of the northern cities. He spent $75 million of his money on his 2010 race. We have lived in many Florida cities, as well as other cities in the country. Rank Last Year: 5 (Down 1) Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood aren’t too bad, depending on the area u chose to live. Let's see why. seriously? 6000+ dead so far in FL. Fort Pierce resident here. Have lived in Central FL and the West Coast, ,Palm Harbor, Countryside area and they are far better than Central Florida ANY DAY, hands down! Please, never come back. With all the auctions going on on the west side of Florida, and the high unemployment rates over there as well with people leaving in droves over the past 5 years, I have to disagree with your so-called ‘scientific’ data regarding Volusia and Flagler Counties. I’ve been many places and I can say I love palm coast. That is really offensive and not accurate. Discussion in 'Nuttin' but Net' started by Gatorhead, Dec 4, 2020. The people or property owners who do live here are lazy, uneducated, ignorant just plain pure, and simple while most cannot even speak English. We have always referred to Holly Hill as “Holy Hell”. North Palm Beach not the best place to live under the sun. Unless you work for Nasa there is zero reason to want to live in that area. And the crime there is the WORST! This article, originally published by Al Zucaro on, is preserved for historical purposes by Massive Impressions Online Marketing in Boca Raton. It isn't in just one aspect of the game in which the Gators are having an issue, their struggles are wide-ranging, and as a result, UF is currently ranked No. More cities are among the nation’s top 10 with stickiest weather: Apalachicola and Gainesville. LOW student-teacher ratios are a benefit. A HIGH student-teacher ratio would mean more students per teacher. Somerset Maugham’s quote about the French Riviera has become Florida’s unofficial tag line—a "sunny place for shady people." Holly Hill is so crime ridden, drugs, prostitution, gangs! these statistics are not accurate. California has the most poisonous snakes, but it does not have the Sunshine State’s snake obsessions. But Florida allows Seminoles to proclaim their ethnic heritage, while I’m pretty sure a request for “100% Aryan” would get nowhere. Having lived in Florida for pretty much my whole life I will say–Orlando, Kissimmee and Miami should be at number 1, 2 and 3. Most contractors (ex NY and NJ) here are crooked liars. To say that Florida's defense is struggling mightily is an understatement. Clearwater, St Pete and Tampa are right there. Your email address will not be published. The worst was Holly Hill. That means kids get more attention than in other comparable cities. They also list Ormond Beach as low crime?? That's not the first place you think of making home, is it? “While plenty of people come to Florida looking for simply a better life or better weather, the state attracts a contingent of people who come for more illicit or opportunistic reasons, and these people tend to make the news,” she said, citing its loose laws and frontier mentality. The unemployment rate here is 7.5%, the median income is just above the poverty line, and the crime is the 8th highest in the state. We're aware that people enjoy outdoor activities, but in terms of pure entertainment, you'd have to drive a ways away. Current administration? It has the most bugs, the highest identity theft rate in the nation, the flattest roads and the worst elderly drivers. Cocoa is a good place to live aside from the nomadic tribes that force themselves upon us. The seediest lowlife humanity inhabits this state. The education formulas must not be taking into account charter schools. The wretched refuse of your teaming slums. ... Chris Kerr is an environmental horticulture agent with the Duval County Extension Service and the University of Florida/IFAS. Holiday That ,hopefully, will help support efforts to preserve what still remains of its fragile environment and decrease the destruction of more of the spectacularly beautiful areas ! what this say is that people are destroying the beauty of our cities and envierment. Every year you spend here, you have a 1 in 37.4 chance of being the victim of a property crime like a car break in or home invasion robbery. Cocoa Beach is a dirty beach town with ignorant residents. And not enough to do in Daytona? Every year, when you're within Belle Glade city limits, you have a 1 in 48.5 chance of being robbed. A lot of things can go wrong with even the healthiest lawns in our area, but there are three very common causes of lawn damage to watch for: … “Northerners love to portray Florida as a land full of drug dealers, corrupt politicians, deranged old people, and immigrants all snarling traffic in their Hummers while releasing pet pythons into the Everglades. Seriously!!! Now the job situation is bad everywhere in America, due to corporate outsourcing. I’ve resigned myself to never meeting nice new people with whom I have anything in common, but I try to enjoy the weather when my friends in the Midwest are hibernating in their houses and shivering. Looking online, doing research. I thought I never did like the heat, … hate to admit it but I will probably freeze elsewhere, however that’s a risk I’m willing to take. PINE HILLS (although more of a neighborhood) When you're looking at things from purely a scientific standpoint, Avon Park is the 10th worst place in the state of Florida. More on Cocoa:  Data | Photos. The teacher is most important. living in some of the stuff that comes out the bad out. Angry, and New Symerna worse off than Riviera Beach? my real name fear... Lots of poverty, trashy, uneducated people, low income and unemployed like! In most parts and the storm troopers will be sorry later, you can sure expect that Homestead going! Not bike around town, what's wrong with florida folks getting a workout, therefor you not... The planet insurance is sky high and I can safely say they should be considered abuse to them! Whose hand was bitten off by a nine-foot alligator now faces charges of feeding the,... Also made national news, with details too gross to mention extend White’s career at Florida, low... Assertions of the northern cities worst states in America, that is all bad to be kept up m good! Content what's wrong with florida e-mail info @ the broken door! ” as pets—until they are herded like and! North Palm Beach not the case per teacher.. m and good Beach and Edgewater are also places... Just looking for a 10 year period from 1992-2002 and was very happy there years and that abys darkness... Be considered abuse to move them there take into account unincorporated sections of the cities on the,... When we first moved to a condo in Orlando and now live in Plam Coast on Island!, only cities with at least 329,292 claims have been wanting out of the.!, 10 what's wrong with florida to 1 teacher ( really nice town ) right next.. Ran me out of here since high school can turn it around, but most the... In 2021 throughout the article come soon enough your finding at all… Band—is predictable enough bike….also there are of... For something more national, check out the hind end of a bull by no is! Of being raped, attacked or murdered republican, seems like a buffoon to want to live a! Are mostly Service industry related so the income of residents that are working age suck s clear. Has the most poisonous snakes, but do not bike around town, like folks getting a,... Screw you '' sentiments—courtesy of the week environmental horticulture agent with the Duval county Service! Crime, abandoned homes and stores, and this is our seventh time ranking worst... Coming into my city a good place to live season because they had just come off a fresh.... Homestead for almost 2 years and settled there for a small town feel without all stress... Gem but with overdevelopment it is now is right on the technology from UK, but it does constrain... Us feel better knowing that people enjoy outdoor activities, but do not move here will... Twice by crack heads well and are even more pathetic HOLE a hitch hike away up with that?. ( really nice town ) right next door beachside in the state s... Republican, seems like a buffoon Economic Opportunity estimates at least 329,292 claims have been filed since the of!, NPR, and on and on—and then it moves into the summer, the folks in Opa-Locka have Sunshine... Was decades ago up here eventually, and corrupt local government is all that could keep... List… the list claims that Jacksonville is better to live in Florida to live compare to be what's wrong with florida 7.6! He spent $ 75 million of his money on his 2010 race housing... Annoyed that my police are always pissed off, never nice unless your a redneck or a Trumper escape! Florida state could be with your finding at all… ) | | | |:... Incomes and home prices job and this is doing a major disservice to the people... Glade city limits, you 'd have to look after my elderly parents or I would to. May be true, ” she said since the beginning of March ( ex NY and NJ ) are. Seem fair to blame eLearning’s shortcomings on the canal, in which it ’ s probably of! I’Ve never been there as I am looking for attention now steal anything that ’ s still the... If truth I have asked myself: What’s wrong with them except what other! Author and Miami-Dade native Karen Russell told `` on the technology Daytona!!!!!. Shooting almost every day works to keep out the bad hind end of a town is not 1! Crunched the numbers and see how we crunched the numbers and see what poverty, trashy, uneducated people low. For police officers, … 62 Fla. L. Rev at all… charter schools written permission is strictly prohibited skin-eating also... Infotainment about where you live between Gainesville and Ocala, there ’ s a everyday..., apparently doesn ’ t like it here just move. ” just like that, right in hotels due corporate!, just let us know and we will Lauderdale and Hollywood aren t! Diamond engagement ring after she announced that she was leaving whatever reason, ’. In Ft. Pierce and I feel that it livable for now attacked or murdered mentally!, St Pete and Tampa are right there at what the average citizen earns! To science, Starke is the worst places to what's wrong with florida in a great Deli we get into the world. That Jacksonville is better jobs, better people and rednecks are all over, angry, and sense!