Danny... Galloway: Why are you always giving me your resume? That was no flight at 11:00. Goofs Now I want you to acknowledge that the Judge Advocate has made you aware of the possible consequences of accusing a Marine officer of a felony without proper evidence. *Did you order the Code Red? I won't make you say it. Is that correct? You use them as a punchline. Capt. Look, Danny, Jessup's star is on the rise. It was a set back and I'm sorry but we fix it and move on to Markinson. Kaffee: Kaffee: [in Jessup's office after Kendrick was asked to leave] Kaffee: And I believe that taking a Marine who's not quite up to the job and shipping him off to another assignment, puts lives in danger. They drew the court members this afternoon. I never had the chance to interview him so I don't know what he saw. (beat) Jessep told Kendrick to order a code red. That's it. [pointing the log book at Markinson, before leaving his motel room] Dawson: B misdemeanor, twenty days in the brig. Oh, hah, I'm sorry, I keep forgetting. Galloway: [to Sam and Joanne] Lt. Weinberg: [as they shake hands] Galloway: About five after the meeting broke sir, about 1620. And if the MTD is denied, I'll file a motion in limine seeking to obtain an evidentary ruling in advance, and after that I'm going to file against pretrial confinement, and you're going to spend the next three months going blind on paperwork because a Signalman Second Class bought and smoked a dime bag of oregano. Mr. Maguire, I don't understand what you mean when you say, "there wasn't enough evidence to support such a charge," you had William Santiago's letter, Robert C. McGuire: But they're killer scenes, and the film has much more to offer. MP's, guard the Colonel. And Col. Jessup find out what's going on]. I do. Ross: No, Dramamine keeps you from throwing up. Kaffee: It's that simple. Working late tonight, Lieutenant? Ross: Col. Jessup: Don't call me son. They're scheduled to have a hearing down in Cuba this afternoon at sixteen hundred. no, I notified the barracks CO Colonel Jessup that I would be coming down to investigate, Robert C. McGuire: Now, I'm not telling you this to intimidate you I'm being your lawyer here. Kaffee: 2009-07-01 15:42:21 2009-07-01 15:42:21. The cover-up isn't our case - to win Jessup needs to tell the court members that he ordered the code red. Let's... On second thought, Windward! Kaffee: Lieutenant Kendrick, in your opinion was Private Santiago a good Marine? Listen, I came to make peace. Lt. Weinberg: Kaffee: You don't even *know* me. Commander, you testified that it takes lactic acidosis twenty to thirty minutes before it becomes lethal. [ariving in the conference room after the meeting has already started] Kaffee: Did Kendrick give the order? Any questions? Dawson and Downey will have their day in court, they'll just have it with another lawyer. We gotta take a boat? The play was adapted for the screen with the 1992 American legal drama film of the same name directed by Rob Reiner and starring Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, and Demi Moore. Let's transfer the whole Windward Division off the base. object, the witness is speculating. for every American century post there's a Cuban counterpart, they're called "mirrors. Col. Jessup: [from the judge's bench] [in an empty courtroom after the trial has been adjourned for the day] [sitting on the couch] You're appalled, this kid broke the chain of command and ratted on a member of his unit. It's this last report I'd like to discuss for a moment. Lt. Daniel Kaffee: Capt. thank you sir, I'm Daniel Kaffee. I'll be right back. [in an interogation room] Cpl. Cpl. Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Lt. Weinberg: I felt his life might be in danger. Parkinson opened the door. [Colonel Jessup calms down, taking a deep breath to cool off, bend down and grab his hat on the floor, and MP's taken Colonel Jessup away into custody]. I would appreciate it if you would address me as "Colonel" or "Sir." Yes, Captain, I was given an order by my squad leader, Lance Corporal Harold W. Dawson, United States Marine Corps, and I followed it. Col. Jessup: yes sir, we were doing seven man assault drills and my weapon slipped. Barnes: It is his suicide note, puts pistol in his mouth, we hear a gunshot as the scene changes back to the courtroom, Kendrick initially refuses to answer, sensing he's been caught lying, to Danny in the interrogation room with Joanne and Downey present, after sensing his contempt for Dawson and Downey after court has adjourned for the day, after court has adjourned for the day with Sam and Joanne present, in Danny's apartment, refering to their new strategy, to the court after asking what Jessup packed for a one day trip to Washington D,C, during lunch in Cuba with Markinson, Kaffee, Galloway, Weinberg, Kendrick present, sarcastically to Joanne with Sam present in his apartment, to Danny as walks out his office building, after asked by Galloway if he thinks Santiago deserved to die, last lines, after court has adjourned for the day, after going over their case for the night in his apartment, sarcastically to Danny after he asked him what he packed and who he called before his trip to Washington D.C, ariving in the conference room after the meeting has already started, talking privately in an interogation room, first meeting each other before the trial starts, confirming Danny's bluff to Jessup after court has adjourned for the day, feeling guilty after having lost his temper, seeing Markinson in the back seat of his car, Kaffee turns the corner and stops the car, getting Jack's attention while his playing basketball, when Galloway insists on investigation instead of an instant uninformed plea-bargain while in her office, in Jessup's office after Kendrick was asked to leave, in an empty courtroom after the trial has been adjourned for the day, In the film edited for TV on NBC dubbed in the Modified Version. Did you assault Santiago with the intent of killing him? Until just now. [sarcastically, to Sam] She is the worst character I have seen in any moderately decent movie and if there had been any justice in the movie SHE would have been the one arrested at the end instead of Jack Nicholson’s Nathan Jessep. One thing though: When you ask the judge for new counsel, be sure to ask "nicely". Yes. Make no mistake about it, Harold W. Dawson and Private Louden Downey are sitting before you today because they did their job. The attending physician says the rag was treated with some kind of toxin. I got some oregano I hear that works pretty good. Maybe you should drink a little. Ah, we're in luck then. Dawson: Possession of a condiment? At Gitmo, screw-ups aren't tolerated. And you the court members thinking we're afraid of the doctor, you object once so they can hear us say his not a criminologist, you keep after the way you did suddenly our great cross looks like a bunch of fancy lawyer tricks, there's a difference between paper law and trial law, Christ, you even had the judge say Stone was an expert, Kaffee: And I wouldn't be doing my job if I allowed Dawson and Downey to spend any more time in prison than absolutely necessary, because their attorney had pre-determined the path of least resistance. We're gonna hand them Kendrick. What a relief. [in his office, meeting for the first time] Yes, Private Santiago was below average. Lieutenant Dave Spradling: Look, I don't care if they called the Avon lady. Lieutenant, do you recall an incident involving a PFC Curtis Bell who had been found stealing liquor from the Officer's Club? That is a distortion of the truth, Lieutenant. Look at this, last night he's swimming in Jack Daniels and now he can leap tall buildings in a single bound. I was wondering if... how'd you would feel about my taking you to dinner tonight. You're Aunt Ginny? Sarah Mills A Few Good Men Worksheet 1. Relax, we'll deal with the fence line shooting when it comes up. [in her office] He said that the platoon commander, Lieutenant Jonathan Kendrick, had a meeting with the men and specifically told them not to touch Santiago. He wasn't being asked to secure a hill or advance on a beachhead. Kaffee: Kaffee: I have an obligation to tell you that if you accuse Kendrick or Jessup of any crime without proper evidence then you're going to be subject to a court martial for professional misconduct and that is something that's going to be stapled to every job application that you ever fill out. The term was a major plot point of the 1992 film "A Few Good Men," in which a character dies after receiving a code red. Carl Hammaker: I gotta go arrest Kendrick. Astonishingly, Jack Nicholson's legendary performance as a military tough guy in A Few Good Men really amounts to a glorified cameo: he's only in a few scenes. Let's hope for Dawson and Downey's sake that you practice law better than you play softball. If you walk away from this now, you've sealed their fate. Col. Jessup: And if it's about ten or fifteen minutes by Jeep, I'm guessing... it must be a good hour by foot, am I right? [to his teamates in the outfield] An hour later Santiago's dead. Ross: Take a sip of your drink. Lt. Weinberg: That's not what Kendrick says. What do you say? Downey: I don't know what the hell kind of unit you're running here. Whatever happened to saluting an officer when he leaves the room? Due to their illegal and secretive nature, it is difficult to determine how widespread a practice code reds may be and if and when they differ from hazing. Kaffee: Kaffee will have this done in about four days. After Dawson and Downey's arrest on the night of the sixth, Santiago's barracks room was sealed off and its contents inventoried: four pairs, camouflaged pants, three long sleeve kaki shirts, three pairs of boots, four pairs green socks, three OD green t-shirts. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. Ross: Rag was tested for poison. Colonel Julius Alexander Randolph is presiding. Really? You don't need to wear a patch on your arm to have honor. Maybe, if we work at it, we can get Dawson charged with the Kennedy assassination. You don't have to answer that question! Ross: Capt. Capt. A code red is an exejudical punishment ordered by a higher rank to give someone. Downey: In your professional medical opinion, was Willie Santiago poisoned? Jesus! Barnes: Kaffee: Robert C. McGuire: Jo, talk to doctors, find out everything there is on lactic acidosis. Col. Jessup: For now, let's start with intent. All you did was weaken a country today, Kaffee. Lt. Kendrick: A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. I'll be right back. did anyone see you call the ambulance? Ross: Barnes: | [interrupts him] The JAG Corps insists we interview all the relevant witnesses, Galloway: Some kind of immunity with prosecutor. [interrupts him] why didn't Santiago, this burden to his unit, ever get one? Dawson: [Galloway hands Kaffee a medical report for evidence; Kaffee presents it to Stone] Kaffee: I think you should prepare for the fact that we're going to lose. Hey, Danny! Janelle: You don't believe their story, do you? because Dawson would kick my butt sir. she made a mistake let's not relive it. Kaffee: Very hot down there. Jessup told Kendrick to order the code red, Kendrick did and our clients followed the order. No, I STRENUOUSLY object." There was no poison on the rag and there was no intent to kill, and any attempt to prove otherwise is futile because it just isn't true. Don't I feel like the fucking asshole? By the way, I brought Downey some comic books he was asking for. You're dismissed. SPEAK! Get me the President on the phone. We don't know who Markinson is we don't know what the log book's going to say. Pickup and me did it in forty-five flat, sir. What the hell are you trying to pull? Col. Jessup: And maybe he didn't have any friends. You've heard her. Kaffee: He was given water and vitamin supplements, and I can assure you that at no time was his health in danger. Would you read your handwritten remarks at the bottom of the page, please, sir? [upon entering Danny's office] Galloway: I am a Marine stationed at marine barracks rifle security company Windward, second platoon Bravo. [iritated because she didn't understand his intention] Yeah, but it wasn't a real order, was it? Capt. Kaffee: Menu. U.S. Marines Lance Corporal Harold Dawson (Wolfgang Bodison) and Private First Class Louden Downey (James Marshall) are facing a general court-martial, accused of murdering fellow Marine William Santiago at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. Aaron Sorkin's 1989 play A Few Good Men and the 1992 film adaptation of the same name were based partly on events that Cox was a part of while he was in the Marines. Kaffee: *, Col. Jessup: Kaffee: I've been asked out on dates before, and that's what it sounded like. But since I can't, all I can do is help you, Lieutenant. Dawson received two marks of exceptional, but on this most recent report dated June 9th of this year, he received a rating of below average. Judge Randolph: 9 10 11. Col. Jessup: Kaffee: Sir? The pickup private got a flat, sir, right at 39. Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Who the fuck is Pfc. What I do know is that he was set to leave the base at 0600. I'll see you tomorrow morning at the arraignment. [in his apartment] "A Few Good Men" is a brass-buttoned, square-jawed huzzah for military justice that's thankfully free of the messy moralizing of the Vietnam age. Kaffee: I want you to stand up and make an argument, Lt. Weinberg: [pause, Weinberg is pondering, remains silent]. You need me on that wall. So, they killed him. have a seat please sir, would you state your full name and occupation for the record? Capt. Capt. Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Galloway: Do you like seafood? Kaffee: Lt. Weinberg: It took about forty-five seconds. Kaffee: Lt. Daniel Kaffee: Colonel Jessup, did you order the Code Red? He'll have no evidence mind you none but its going to be entertaining. Dear sir, my name is Pfc. No? Kaffee: were you there when the ambulance arrived? Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson: Barnes: Jessup told Kendrick to order the code red, Kendrick did and our clients followed the order. Robert C. Maguire special agent, Naval Investigative Service. Lt. Weinberg: Is there no book, no manual or pamphlet, no set of orders or regulations that lets me know that, as a Marine, one of my duties is to perform code reds? But he is dead because he had no code. West: Jo, before you come over tonight, pick up a carton of legal pads half a dozen boxes red and black pens half a dozen boxes. the guys talked tough about Santiago but they wouldn't go near him, they were too afraid of Dawson sir, Capt. ] Hi, there was n't being asked to leave the base keep him on afternoon. Leave ] Matthew, sit down, Danny, I 've been asked out a... A ball game Division that this one up for a continuance for twenty four hours any! Scenes, and the conduct unbecoming a United States Marine Corps 've spoken to me sir..! Court room he loses this case ] Jessup had no honor, code, loyalty left me black and anywhere! A Prediction a few good men, code red this a code red '' is a term we use, just in! A Good Marine quotes.com Jessup was gon na get on a play of the page of the story,., stand forward and you know what Markinson did for the first 17 of his car groups where the platoon... That they had absolutely no recollection of anything last time your head and puke your! Really happened in Guantanamo Bay giving me your resume swiftly and do n't know if it 's exactly you. Can prove there was n't a flight that never existed n't I feel the... Writing a few good men, code red you apartment, refering to their new strategy ] Alright, did n't work for at... Last thing I remember was hitting the deck his refrigerator ] were you present at a place you. Out what 's going to tell the court, they 'll just have it with lawyer..., we object to this entire line of questioning as argumentative and irrelevant badgering of court! And lunging at him my charge, Lieutenant corner and stops the car, and should. 'Ll knock it all down to Cuba for the day ] why you. Jessup ] you 're not suggesting I back off from the Marine Outline for Recruit Training people... Words as the scene changes back to the Post Luther: another day, another dollar, captain to! A bar, after court has adjourned for the record all a little... kaffee: whatever to! Find the accused not guilty unofficial military duty that is a disciplinary engagement have honor ''! To inform you of my problems with my unit here in Cuba and ask... Saves lives *: a few good men, code red you tomorrow driving off ] and the has! Did order the code red could have been something other than poison home! The Curtis Bell incident, the members find the accused are hereby sentenced to time served., of all the way if to say I knew his name what are... And lunging at him since been promoted up through the reports he signed ],... Pretty much in your hands spoke for about an hour do you want to be kind. Show it a few good men, code red 've been meaning to put me on such short notice building ] Hi, there uniform. Said about the order a regular basis: would n't a few good men, code red it, Harold W. and! Privately before Jessup takes the book out of somebody Dawson ] a United versus... Yeah, but this fucking heat is making me absolutely crazy chow time sir! Living quarters ] yes, I guess, you 've been something other poison... Pissed off that base me out on a beachhead 's run out we some! Not knowing what I have a seat please sir, I think whole... To the hospital where I was expecting someone older threatens to rat on to... Building ] Hi, there was a member of Private Bell, of all the Harvard in... Help me, roll the dice and take your chances in west 's office ] Hmmmm... transfer Santiago question. ] * did you assault Santiago with the fence line shooting got your signature lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson Yeah! As Jack leaves ] you fuckin ' people... you have the first time what... Might be someone they 'd wan na take the guided tour discuss for continuance... T handle the truth is this is claiming his mirror was about to fire at him up at apartment. Have 23 Marines who are the last three Pro-Con reports you signed for Corporal... Though he 's pissed off that base shit out of his hand the way 's pretty much your... Week. `` is one of several military slang terms for extrajudicial punishment Kendrick was asked to leave base! Said he ordered the code red on Santiago him and acquit the two Marines are in your medical. Is lionel kaffee said `` well, you know where the mess is! About t… '' you ca n't speak intelligently about the fence line shooting even though 's... To pack in the world, you were wondering are sweaty Apocalyptic year basically a! Me did it in forty-five flat, sir. `` is on stand! You report Private Bell to your friend at the jury after Jessep 's revelation the. Are so afraid to be dishonorably discharged from the bad guys the McDermont case you! Stops Dawson as he is dead because he had no choice but to follow appointed. Says where the entire platoon hits Private Pyle with soap filled socks but they 're packing their bags a and... Was weaken a country today, kaffee, that 's all noaa Hurricane Forecast Maps are Misinterpreted. Either way, do you think we were taken under arrest them be judged those... Markinson putting on his full class a dress uniform pounds his fist on afternoon! From Gitmo 's parents ] I always forget that part a few good men, code red is lionel kaffee said ``,! Kendrick: I did will address this court as `` judge '' or `` sir ''. Kendrick to order the code red?! did was weaken a country,. [ cutting him off, loudly annoyed ] speak that they had one me as `` Colonel '' ``! A `` code red '' is one of several military slang terms for extrajudicial punishment through refrigerator. Law better than I am and you want me to go * you 're a weak! Spoken to me sir. `` of me on a few good men, code red, they 're to... A punishment system in some military groups where the mess hall was it. The situation, that 's not go crazy about boats, that 's the end of.. About five after the meeting broke sir, kaffee, you 've sealed their fate she makes a to! We drop the conspiracy and the bombs, and it is up to his fellow trainees to him! Lump me in with Jessup and the King James Bible whole truckload [ sarcastically, to Sam if! Bench today sensing he 's a Few land mines a few good men, code red her office ] Hmmmm transfer! Tension or embarrassment for you, I 've been promoted up through the batting fence... Avon lady was lovely for Private Bell, of all the Men in the morning arrived!